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So what do we do ...Well for starters we have saved

1.3 MILLION"YES MILLION" BOOKS from local landfills to date.


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Feel good about where your old books go. Make a clean donation bin a part of your community!

We can take away any amount of books. All you have to do is point and someone with a smile will take them away!

Many college libraries are downsizing. We can help to monetize the books or  remove them free of charge.

Learn how we can help increase revenue for your library through placement of one of our indoor or outdoor revenue bins.

Let us help your school library or PTA earn money for programs and supplies through the magic of book donation bins and drives

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our story

Bay State was founded in late 2018 by Larry O'Connor. Larry's vision at its core was to run a socially minded organization with the goal to keep as many books out of landfills as possible. A study by the National Wildlife Federation revealed that over 640,000 tons of books end up in landfills every year in the United States! Our mission is to make throwing books away a thing of the past.
If you’re like us, you have an emotional attachment to books. For some people, when it comes time to move or downsize, books go from being a treasure to being the heaviest box to move. We make sure that books don’t end up in landfills and that they are put to good use. We proudly support
different Literacy Projects
such as Communities in Schools, Book Pals, and others. We also support Operation paperback which provides books for soldiers.

some of the communities we are partnered with

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Larry came all the way from Boston to get rid of my father’s book collection. While it was sad to see the library go, he made it easy.In the end we were so pleased these books that brought my father and family so much joy would not end up in a landfill. Knowing they would be re-used brought us pure joy. Thank you Larry and the staff at Bay State Books for making this an amazing experience.


Groton, CT

I am the Director of Book Sales for the Friends of the Lincoln Library in Lincoln, MA. We have been working with Larry O’Connor since December 2018 as the online vendor for our donated books. We have been impressed with the professionalism. He is well-organized and delivers on everything he says he is going to do, including giving us a monthly report detailing title/price/profit information on each book of ours he has sold. His service has increased the total monthly revenue we make from our book sales by 30%.

Cathy  Moritz

Friends of the Lincoln Library






Rhode Island

New Hampshire




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